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Gouged, Garbage, or Another Way?

Kristen and Ben Walters were struggling.  Three kids. Three dogs. Aging parents with health issues. Demanding work with long hours. Select sports. Homework. Time is short and money is tight, but we want to eat right.  And so more often than not, we ended up with gouged or garbage.  Either we were gouged with a huge bill from a healthy place (that the kids complained about and often didn't eat anyway), or we ate cheap garbage from a chain drive thru that left us with eater's remorse and the notion that we were failing our kids and ourselves.  We began to dream about how busy people like us and our friends and families could get fresh, convenient, affordable healthy fare.  We looked at emerging healthy options on the coasts--DC, LA, Seattle, among others--and began to dream.  In 2017, we took the leap and sold our longtime business for this new adventure.  In 2018, we purchased In-n-Out Java, a double drive-thru coffee shop in Kettering, Ohio and got to work on launching Salad Sage.  After 18 months of investment, research, building renovations, and staff development, we launched Salad Sage in April 2020.  Some say its crazy to launch a new business during the height of a pandemic, but we think there's never been a more urgent time for all of us to eat healthier and lessen the struggle.  We love our salads and wraps and would love to share one with you.